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Our accountants have many years education and experience with much wisdom, unlike some firms where you are handled by kids just out of school or retreads with no college degrees!

Many tax preparation firms hire people with no college degrees, accounting education, or even high school degrees. They run them through good training classes, but they are not suited to sophisticated businesses or individuals. Yet, they are expensive. Many "accountants" lack Bachelors degrees. We see people with correspondence courses and bookkeeping experience calling them selves "accountants". You may call your self an accountant with no official education or credentials. Avoid "Public Accountants." They are NOT Certified! They have not passed the comprehensive CPA exam and probably lack Bachelors Degrees and college education. If in doubt, ask them why they are not CPAs. They use similar sounding home made titles to appear equivalent to CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS. They are not permitted to belong to the AICPA or conduct audits or reviews.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants requires that all "accountants" in CPA firms have Bachelors degrees. Many states require 5 year degrees. To be CPAs they must also pass the comprehensive examinations and obtain 2 years experience working in the attest functions (certified auditing and reviews). All such audits and reviews are conducted in accordance with Auditing Standards Generally Accepted in the United States of America, which are pronounced by the AICPA. Our opinions state that financial statements are compiled in accordance with Accounting Principles Generally Accepted in the United States of America. If the accountants do not attend college and take the specific accounting courses and pass the CPA exams we doubt that they know "ASGAUS" and "APGAUS", formerly known as "GAAS" and "GAAP".

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