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William N. Goodman, CPA, general manager and owner of Goodman & Company, Certified Public Accountants, which he founded in 1972.  He entered the public accounting field in 1963 and has been a licensed CPA since 1967.

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Office and clients:

Goodman & Company is a regional firm of Certified Public Accountants, which has a full compliment of professional staff having served approximately 4,500 clients primarily in Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey.   Goodman & Company's clients represent many industries, such as:

County, City, Borough, Township, and other Municipal Governments, Authorities, and Agencies;
Finance Companies;
Professional Basketball Teams;
Charitable Organizations;
Gravel Banks and Quarries;
Nonprofit Service Organizations;
Nursing Homes;
Personal Care Homes;
Fuel, Gas, Oil, and Coal Dealers;
Travel Agencies;
Insurance Agencies;
Beauty Salons;
Building Contractors and Developers;
Other Professionals;
Auto Dealers and Garages;
Real Estate Agencies;
Chemical Manufacturers;
Real Estate Developers;
Estates and Trusts;
Truck Stops;
Radio Stations;
Food Markets;
Electrical Contractors;
Computer Dealers;
Telephone Companies;
Furniture Stores;
Electronics Manufacturers;
Steel Fabricators;
Excavating Contractors;
Auto and Truck Parts Salvage and Dealers;
Garment and Apparel Mills;
Cleaning Services;
Wine Importers and Distributors;
Safaris; and
Machinery and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturers.

Clients range in size from large corporations with multi-million dollar sales volumes to small wage earners.

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Accounting Services:

Advice in Buying, Organizing, Financing, Managing, and Selling Businesses;
Financial Statements;
Certified Reviews;
Certified Audits;
Income Tax Returns;
Estate and Gift Tax Returns;
Business Tax Reports;
Representation in I.R.S.  Audits;
Statistical and Cost Analyses;
Cost Accounting Systems;
Overhead and Indirect Costs Analyses;
Financial Analyses;
Loan and Mortgage Applications;
Financial Prospectuses, Projections, and Forecasts;
Divorce Advice;
Trusteeships and Bankruptcies;
Government Reports;
Medicare and Medicaid Accounting, Statistics, Reporting, & Advice;
Cost Reimbursement Negotiations;
Central Services Cost Allocations;
Financial Planning;
Estate, Gift, and Income Tax Planning;
Investment Reviews and Advice;
Accounting Systems;
Business Valuations;
Pension Plans;
Employee Benefits Consulting and Compliance;
Litigation Support Services;
Telephone service auditing seeking refunds for over charges; and
Forensic Accounting.

Many government audits and accounting reports have been conducted for varied agencies including:

U.S.  Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD);
U.S.  Community Services Administration (CSA);
Medicaid and Medical Assistance (PA);
Medicare (U.S.);
PA Department of Community and Economic Development (Annual Municipal Audit), formerly the PA Department of Community Affairs;
PA Department of Transportation;
Single Audit Act of 1984 (U.S.  & PA.);
Job Training Partnership Act (PA), including:
PA Title II - A - Adult and Youth;
PA Title II - A - Older Workers;
PA Title II - A – Incentive;
PA Title II - A - Technical Assistance;
PA Title II - B Summer Youth Employment and Training Program (SYETP);
PA Title III - Employment and Training Assistance - Dislocated Worker Program;
PA Department of Education:
PA Title II - A - State Education Grant (SEG);
PA Title II - A - Jobs for Pennsylvania Graduates (JPG);
PA Child Care - Food Nutrition Service;
PA Department of Aging:
PA Title V - Senior Community Services Employment Program;
PA Department of Labor and Industry:
PA Single Point of Contact (SPOC) - Welfare JOBS;
PA Single Point of Contact - Food Stamp;
PA Service Delivery Area Association:
PA Title IV - C - Employment and Training Veteran Program;
PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation:
PA Supported Employment Training Program (SEP);
PA Department of Public Welfare:
Title XX;
U.S.  Economic Development Act Grants;
Hill-Burton Act Grants (U.S.);
Pennsylvania Legal Services Agency Grants;
Housing Authority Grants;
Community Development Block Grants;
Revenue Sharing and Anti-Recession Fund Grants; and
Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Grants.

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Pension Services:

Goodman & Company provides Prototype:
Defined Contribution Profit Sharing Plan;
Money Purchase Pension Plan;
401K Cash Deferred Compensation Profit Sharing Plan;
Age Based Profit Sharing Plan; and
New Comparability Profit Sharing Plan.

The Internal Revenue Service and the US Department of Labor approve them.   These plans may be designed for maximum benefit to the employer's key management.

The firm provides consulting, installation, administration, and reporting services for these qualified retirement plans when used by clients.  It also provides administration and reporting services for plans written and installed by other consultants.  It has actuaries on call for consulting and for installation and administration of these plans and Defined Benefit Pension Plans.

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Computer Services:

Goodman & Company uses computers with many sophisticated and elementary accounting programs available and supported, including:

• General ledger accounting and financial statement packages, such as Creative Solutions' Write Up Solutions, Quicken, Quick Books Pro, MYOB (Mind Your Own Business), One Write Plus, Peach Tree, Macola, and Compass, etc.;
• Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and Office programs including Access, Word, Excel, Windows Explorer, Outlook Express;
• Individual and business income tax return preparation and planning programs;
• Time and expense management and reporting program for contractors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, architects, and other professionals;
• Building, equipment, and vehicles depreciation programs;
• Loan payment amortization programs;
• Lease evaluations;
• Accounts receivable programs;
• Order entry, billing, and shipping program;
• Job costing program;
• Mailing lists;
• Payroll programs;
• Check writing programs;
• Accounts payable programs;
• Word processing programs, such as Word for Windows and Word Perfect;
• Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Quattro Pro spreadsheet programs;
• Database programs such as Access; and
• Pension administration.
Goodman & Company has computer systems analysts, consultants, programmers, and operators available to custom design and adapt computer programs and equipment installations.   The sophisticated general ledger and financial statement programs may be easily adapted to almost any accounting requirements.   The financial statements may be custom designed and free formatting, following "Accounting Principles Generally Accepted in the United States of America" (GAAP).  The depreciation program is ideal for most businesses because it may calculate depreciation aggressively for income taxes as well as conservatively for financial statements and government cost reimbursement programs.  A single asset may need to be depreciated four different ways, for financial statements (GAAP), regular Federal Income Tax, Alternative Income Tax, Alternative Current Earnings (tax), and state income taxes.

The firm offers a computer "sanity check", a complete computer system review with a formal report and advice, led by an electronics engineer with a Doctorate in Computer Science and Professional Engineer license.

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To serve the firm's clients and friends better, Mr.  Goodman has been teaching them an opportunity to save interest on long term loans, primarily mortgages.  He prepares a "Mortgage Controller", customized for individual loans.  It provides an accounting system and custom principal payment coupons (lenders' notices) to track interest savings on specific principal prepayments.  In a typical home mortgage, the borrower may pay $200,000 to $300,000 for a $100,000 home.  If the borrower follows this customized system, the borrower can usually save $75,000 to $100,000 or more interest!  Mr.  Goodman frequently conducts educational seminars on using the Mortgage Controller to get out of debt before retirement.

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Over many years of accounting practice, Mr.  Goodman frequently has advised clients on obtaining commercial and residential mortgage loans.   Several mortgage brokers and bankers have retained Mr.  Goodman as a professional employee to represent their extensive lists of available lenders and investors.  Mr.  Goodman is currently Branch Manager and Loan Officer for American Independent Mortgage, Inc.  (AIM) at the same office as Goodman & Company, CPAs.  It is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking for making loans in Pennsylvania.  He is also a Loan Officer for Nationwide Equities based in Union, New Jersey.   It is licensed by the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and Florida Departments of Banking for making mortgage loans in those states.   He had been a Loan Officer and Branch Manager for Ivy Mortgage Corporation.   He had been also a Loan Originator for Sunset Mortgage, The Home Loan Network, and Royal Mortgage Co.,

American Independent Mortgage, Sunset Mortgage, The Home Loan Network, and Ivy Mortgage Co. have been all located in the same building as Goodman & Company, hosted and managed by Mr.  Goodman.   They were formed in succession by some of the same principals.   The President of Nationwide Equities formerly managed lending at Ivy Mortgage, Inc.  and Royal Mortgage.  Sunset Mortgage and The Home Loan Network were managed by a loan officer, formerly in Mr.  Goodman’s Ivy Mortgage Branch.  Although many companies have been involved, the same people in essence managed them all of them. 

American Independent Mortgage (AIM) and Nationwide Equities represent many investors and lenders of residential and commercial mortgage loans, so they can meet the needs of both credit impaired borrowers and excellent credit borrowers.  They have many loan arrangements, including no down payment loans, no point loans, no income verification loans, lower interest loans with points, fixed rate and adjustable rate loans, 15 year and 30 year term fixed rate loans, three year balloon loans, etc. 

AIM and Nationwide offer low interest loans to strong borrowers, competitive with area banks.  They may arrange mortgage loans at 125% of the fair market value of the collateralized residences.  Buyers with excellent or fair credit, steady employment, sufficient income, and no down payment can get mortgages for 100% of the purchase prices (100% Loan to Value - "LTV").  We also offer 95% LTV purchases and cash out refinance loans for self-employed borrowers.  "NIV loans" mean no income verification; the lender does not verify the income of the borrower to justify the loan.  The lender relies on the collateral and the credit rating of the borrower.  Commercial banks will not provide these loans, so this is our niche.  We often can say yes to loans when the banks say no!  We have special mortgage programs to finance building contractors and land developers.   AIM and Nationwide can handle loans up to approximately $250,000,000 per borrower.  Call 610- 250-9640, if you know someone who needs a loan.   We have no application fee for residential loans!

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Mr.  Goodman saw the advantage of File Safe's services, became an account manager, and offered it to other clients and friends of Goodman & Company.   File Safe, Inc was owned by one of Mr.  Goodman's accounting and tax clients.  File Safe provided highly automated record retention and retrieval services in specially designed storage centers with climate control and security.  These records included written documents, files, computer tapes, and disks.  The Company also provided automated computer backup services, keeping the client data off site using high speed modems and satellites, and client encryption for privacy and security.  The Company could provide complete mirror image restoration of a client's disk drives, directories, and networks in one day.  This was a natural extension of services to the clients of Goodman & Company.   The service continues, but after Mr.  Goodman's client sold his interest in File Safe, Mr.  Goodman discontinued his activities in the company.

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Mr.  Goodman has been an Adjunct Professor of Accounting at Lehigh University, teaching auditing to seniors and graduate students.   He also has been a part-time instructor for Lehigh - Carbon (counties) Community College, The Pennsylvania State University, Northampton County Area Community College, and the Career Institute of Technology in Easton.  Several other colleges have solicited him to teach accounting courses.

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He was Controller and Treasurer of Commonwealth Industries, Inc.   and its major subsidiary, Leader Nursing Centers, Inc.   Former Governor George M.  Leader was President of the two companies.   Leader Nursing Centers, Inc.  had sales of over $20,000,000 in 1980, before its merger with a larger conglomerate, Manor Care, Inc.   This chain of nursing centers was all over eastern Pennsylvania.   He was in charge of the accounting functions.   He prepared and negotiated filings with Medicare (Federal), Medicaid (PA), the U.S.  Securities Exchange Commission, the U.S.  and PA Interstate Commerce Commissions, the Internal Revenue Service, the PA Department of Revenue, and the National Stock Exchange.   He was active in the financial management of D.  F.  Bast, Inc., a trucking subsidiary, and of Hearth Construction, Inc., a construction company subsidiary.  Based on this and other experience, Mr.  Goodman specializes in services to nursing homes, especially maximizing cost reimbursements by Medicare and Medicaid.  He has provided extensive accounting and cost reimbursement services to several county and private nursing homes.

The Pennsylvania State University -- Main Campus, the Milton Hershey Medical Center, and The Pennsylvania State University -- Wilkes-Barre Campus, have solicited Mr.  Goodman's services as a lecturer on nursing home finances, especially regarding Medicare and Medicaid.   On September 9, 1985 he organized and presented a workshop called "Medical Assistance Cost Reimbursement for Nursing Homes".   It was promoted and sponsored by the Milton Hershey Medical Center and the Pennsylvania State University's College of Business Administration. 

The National Association of Accountants selected his article on " Maximizing Medicare Cost Reimbursement for Nursing Homes" for publication in "The Management Accountant", in 1974.

The Pottsville (PA) Republican Newspaper featured Mr.  Goodman in a special issue on September 17, 1982.  He was selected as "...an accountant widely recognized as an expert in nursing home finances..." to objectively analyze for the editors and readers the financial management, Medicaid reporting, and Medicare opportunities of Rest Haven, the Schuylkill County Nursing Home.  Reprints are available. 

Two newspapers in Wilkes-Barre, PA published many articles featuring the consulting and accounting work Mr.  Goodman did for Valley Crest, The Luzerne County Nursing Home, and related county operations.  They especially reported the many millions of dollars Mr.  Goodman negotiated and recovered from Medicare and Medicaid for Valley Crest. 

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Prior to that, Mr.  Goodman was an accountant and auditor with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania; and with Price Waterhouse & Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; both international firms of Certified Public Accountants.  He concentrated on audits of "Fortune 500" companies including the oil, pipeline, steel, finance, real estate, chemical, textile, food, auto parts, and retailing industries.  He handled filings with the Security Exchange Commission and stock exchanges.   He audited nursing homes on behalf of Medicare intermediaries.   He also handled accounting, compiling and analyzing financial statements, and preparing tax returns for small businesses and individuals.

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He served as an Internal Auditor for U.S.  Steel Corporation and its railroad, sales, and cement subsidiaries.  Based in Chicago, Illinois, he covered the Midwest United States, including Pittsburgh, PA; South Chicago, Waukegan, and Joliet, Illinois; Gary and Indianapolis, Indiana; and Duluth, Minnesota.   He concentrated on operational efficiency and reporting, promise performance, inventory control and job costing, cost accounting, fraud search and discovery, and on contract compliance for major capital appropriations and plant construction.

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On December 29, 2000, Mr.  Goodman took and passed the Pennsylvania Agent's Life, Accident, and Health Insurance examination series 1603, with a score of 91%.   KRM Financial Services Group sponsored him.   He is an agent with AmerUs Life Insurance Company, Penn Treaty Insurance, and John Hancock Financial Services.   He does not have time to solicit and sell insurance full time, so he provides life, accident, disability, health, and long-term care insurance in joint ventures with experienced agents, as part of his regular and comprehensive estate and financial planning services.   He particularly uses life insurance as a tax favored investment since the growth in the life insurance cash value is income tax deferred and the death benefit is income tax free.   He also concentrates on insurance to pay for the long term care of senior citizens.

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A lawyer in Bethlehem, Free State, Republic of South Africa requested Mr.  Goodman to manage the USA side of the importing and distributing wines from a major wine coop.   It represents about 50% of all South African wines.   He is dealing with U.S.  sommeliers (wine experts) and soliciting established wholesalers and distributors to introduce these wines to the U.S.  and other countries.   Mr.  Goodman is a novice about wines, but an expert in finances, accounting, and business organization and management.   They formed Bushtrack Wines and Safaris to manage the exports to the USA.   The coop includes many wine grape growers, wine cellars, and wine bottlers. 

The same lawyer and his associates from South Africa have retained Mr.  Goodman to represent their clients' safari operations.   Since Mr.  Goodman loves to hunt, fish, and observe wildlife, this is a natural endeavor.  He promotes Bushtrack Safaris at many outdoor sports, hunting, fishing, gun, and knife shows.   He is soliciting and arranging American travel agents and sportsmen booking agents to promote, sell, and manage these trips.   South African safaris are offered as incentives to wine customers and sales agents. 

The same lawyer and associates also have clients in South Africa who manufacture clothing and furniture.   Mr.  Goodman is working with American furniture and clothing manufacturers, retailers, and wholesales to import and distribute this clothing and furniture.   He is the accountant for the American side of these businesses.

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Penn State University:

He graduated in 1964 from The Pennsylvania State University's College of Business Administration with a BS degree, majoring in accounting.   It is now known as the Smeal College of Business.  He graduated from Easton High School in 1960.

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Certified Public Accounting Exam:

He passed all sections of the Uniform Examination for Certified Public Accountants on his first attempt, in November 1967.   Only approximately 15% of the candidates pass on their first attempt and only 30% ever pass all segments.   The exam consisted of four sections:

Accounting Theory, now including the formal Statements on Accounting Principles Generally Accepted in the United States of America (GAAP), pronounced by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Auditing, including above and Statements on Auditing Standards Generally Accepted in the United States of America (GAAS) pronounced by the AICPA;

Commercial Law, including the Uniform Commercial Code; and

Accounting Practice (2 parts), including accounting and financial statement preparation procedures and problems, income taxes, cost accounting, consolidations, related party transactions, etc.

It now has a fifth section on ethics.

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Talus CPA School:

He graduated from the Talus CPA School in 1967, which provided a six-month intensive training in CPA level accounting and in sophisticated accounting problems and theory. 

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Continued Professional Education:

He has completed hundreds of additional professional development courses and attended seminars in the fields discussed above, totaling over 5,000 hours of additional education over 40 years.   This continuing professional education averages 130 hours per year.

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Advanced Estate Planning:

He completed three 15-week excellent courses in Advanced Estate Planning from the American College of Chartered Life Underwriters in 1973, 1989, and 1990.

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Lehigh Valley Crime Stoppers, Inc:

Mr.  Goodman was one of the volunteer organizers and incorporators, and the first volunteer treasurer and accountant of Lehigh Valley Crime Stoppers, Inc.   The Pennsylvania State Police sponsor this non-profit charity.   It offers rewards to anonymous people who provide tips leading to the arrest and hopefully the conviction of criminals.

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Mr.  Goodman has been a member of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Lehigh Valley Estate Planning Council for many years, starting in 1967.   He has served on the State Advisory Subcommittee on Legislation of the PICPA.   He has been Chairman of the PICPA Lehigh Valley Chapter Committee on Relations with Schools and Colleges, and was on the PICPA State Committee.   He has been Chairman of the PICPA’s L.V.  Chapter Committee on Cooperation with Bankers and other Credit Grantors.   He was Chairman of the PICPA’s L.V.  Chapter Committee on Cooperation with Attorneys at Law.   He served on the State Committee.   He had been Chairman of the PICPA’s L.V.  Chapter Speakers' Bureau continuously from 1979 to 1993 and addresses many organizations every year.  He was Director of the Lehigh Valley Estate Planning Council, which is comprised of attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Charter Life (insurance) Underwriters, bank trust officers, and financial planners.

In 1992, he was appointed to the Statewide Marketing Committee for the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants.   He advised the members and helped organize seminars, including the November 1992 PICPA Marketing Professional Services Conferences.

During 1986, he advised the Pennsylvania State Legislature on the concept of switching municipal fiscal year ends from December 31 to June 30.   This would defer the accountants' workload from the busy tax season to the summer when the CPA's could give better and more economical service.   He served on the PICPA State Committee on this project.

In 1985, 1987, and 1988, the PICPA presented to him " Certificates of Appreciation for outstanding and continuing efforts to inform and educate the general public about business and financial matters through participation in PICPA public service programs.

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North East Tier Venture Group:

Mr.  Goodman had been an active member of the former North-East Tier Venture Group, serving eastern PA and western NJ, from 1989 through 1996.   At its meetings entrepreneurs; inventors; owners and managers of growing and mature businesses; potential investors and lenders; attorneys; CPAs; management, financial, and marketing advisors; government officials; etc.   met to help young businesses succeed.

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Northampton County Development Corporation:

As a champion of entrepreneurs and growing businesses, Mr.  Goodman was a member of the Finance Committee of the Northampton County Development Corporation.  It helped bring new businesses, especially manufacturing, to Northampton County.   It also helped existing business expand, providing more jobs and opportunities for Northampton County.   The Finance Committee was composed primarily of bank presidents, senior loan officers, and senior management.   Mr.  Goodman was the only CPA member.   In 1998, it merged into the regional Lehigh Valley Development Corporation, which carries on the same services.

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Government Finance Officers' Association:

The firm has belonged to the Government Finance Officers Association to keep current in government accounting and auditing.

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Chambers of Commerce:

The firm belongs to the Two Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce (TRACC), Easton.   Mr.  Goodman is the principal representative and is very active in Chamber meetings.  The firm has also belonged to the Washington, NJ Chamber of Commerce; the Upper Bucks County Chamber of Commerce, Quakertown; and the Allentown--Lehigh County Chamber of Commerce.   American Independent Mortgage, Inc.  belongs to the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, successor to the Allentown – Lehigh County Chamber of Commerce.  Mr.  Goodman often represents AIM there. 

In March 1986, he organized and managed a booth for Goodman & Company for three days at the TRACC Business Trade Show.   Lafayette College cosponsored the show.   He demonstrated computer services and discussed accounting and tax services before 14,000 visitors.  Mr.  Goodman had been on the Board of Governors of TRACC's Small Business Council from 1992 to 1996, primarily arranging monthly meetings and programs.  He has been the featured speaker and conducted several seminars for the TRACC monthly meetings.  He writes monthly tax tips columns for the TRACC Newsletter.   They also appear on the Eastonpaonline.com Internet website.

Goodman & Company was nominated for 1991 Excellence in Business Award of Allentown - Lehigh County Chamber of Commerce.  In 1992, the firm was also nominated for the Excellence in Business Award of the Two Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce, Easton. 

Mr.  Goodman is the CPA for Senior Fest, an annual trade show catering to senior citizens, since year 2000.  It often attracts 10,000 visitors.  Goodman & Company has a booth there for each show, where Mr.  Goodman and staff meet seniors, their families, and other exhibitors.

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National Association of Accountants:

Mr.  Goodman had been a member of the National Association of Accountants (NAA), Lehigh Valley Chapter.  He spent two years, 1974 and 1975, as Director of Employment.  Through this voluntary service, members

obtain employment and firms obtain employees in the financial and accounting field.  He also served as Director f Member Relations one year, recruiting and guiding new members.

In 1974, Mr.  Goodman won the coveted NAA Willard H.  Moyer Trophy.   This trophy is awarded annually to the member whose activity on behalf of the NAA Chapter is most outstanding.

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Boss of the Year:

In 1973, Mr.  Goodman was named "Boss of the Year" by the Forks of the Delaware Chapter of the American Business Women's Association, Easton, Pennsylvania.

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Who's Who:

In 1985 and again in 1995, Mr.  Goodman was selected for inclusion in Marquis' "Who's Who in the East". 
In 1986, he was selected for inclusion in "Who's Who in Society". 
In 1987, he was selected for Marquis' "Who's Who Emerging Leaders of America". 
In 1988, he was chosen for American Publishing's "Who's Who in Society". 
In 1992 he was nominated for inclusion in "Who's Who Registry of Global Business Leaders" by "Who's Who Worldwide". 
In 1993 he was also selected for their "Who's Who of American Business Leaders". 
In 1993, he was included in the Who's Who Registry". 
In 1994 he was selected for the "Sterling Who's Who Registry" of business leaders and for "Sterling
Who's Who, Executive Directory". 
In 1995, he was included in "Sterling's Who's Who". 
In 1994, he was selected for the "National Directory of Who's Who in Executives and Professionals". 
In 2000, he was made a life member of the "National Registry of Who's Who in Executives and
Businesses".  He was first included in this "National Registry " in 1998. 
In 1999, he was appointed to be included in "Lexington Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals". 
In 1998, he was invited to be included in the "National Register's Who's Who in Executives and
In 1998, he was included in the "Nationwide Register's Who's Who in Executives and Businesses". 
In 1996, he was invited to be included in Strathmore's Who's Who". 
In 1998, he was included in the "International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs". 
In 1998, he was included in the National Registry of Who's Who". 
In 1998, he was included in "National's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals". 
In 1995, he and Goodman & Company, CPA's were selected for listing in the Emerson's "Directory of
Leading U.S.  Accounting Firms".
Since then he has been invited into many more Who’s Who directories.

These many Who's Who publications are all separate and different, and are not affiliated with each other despite their similar names.  You may read these directories in major libraries, including the US Library of Congress. 

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American Institute of Certified Public Accountants:

The firm voluntarily joined the new Special Division for CPA Firms of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 1987.   This organization is dedicated to maintaining CPA's professional skills at the highest level.   The firm is proud of its membership.   In 1990, 1993, 1996, and 2003 Goodman & Company received an "Unqualified Report" on a Peer Review of the firm's accounting and auditing practice.   This issuance of an unqualified opinion serves as recognition that the firm has achieved a level of quality control that reflects the highest standards within the CPA profession today.  The Peer Review was optional every three years.  Beginning in 2000 Peer Review is now required, not optional, for membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and for renewal of licensing by the PA State Board of Professional and Occupational Affairs.  Copies of the Peer Review reports are available from the firm or the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Harborside Financial Center, 201 Plaza Three, Jersey City, NJ 07311-3881; telephone 201-938-3030.  The firm has also been a member of the special Tax Division of the AICPA. 

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Mr.  Goodman has lectured professionally many times to diverse organizations including:

Legg Mason Wood Walker, Securities Investment Brokers' brokers and customers, Easton, PA;

American Subcontractors Association of Central Pennsylvania;
Shawnee Intermediate School students, Easton, PA.  (32 times);
Pennsylvania Nurserymen Association (twice);
National Association of Accountants (Lehigh Valley Chapter);
Wilson Borough Women's Auxiliary of Easton Hospital;
Kiwanis Clubs in Easton, Bethlehem, Quakertown, Salisbury, Nazareth, Palmer, and Wind Gap, Pennsylvania (twelve times);
Legal Secretaries Association of the Lehigh Valley;
Forks of Delaware Shrine Club (Masons), Easton, PA;
Career Institute of Technology, Easton, PA;
Century Club (Masons), Easton, PA;
Allentown -- Lehigh County Chamber of Commerce (five times);
Two Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce (Easton) (eight times);
Lehigh Valley Home Builders Association;
Lehigh Valley Society of Real Estate Appraisers (three times);
Upper Bucks County Chamber of Commerce, Quakertown, PA;
Prudential-Bache Securities customers and brokers, Allentown, PA;
New York Life Insurance agents, Allentown, PA;
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. agents and customers, Bethlehem and Allentown, PA (twice);
Northampton (PA) Area High School students and faculty (twice);
Northampton (PA) Middle School students and faculty (4 times);
Lions Club of Easton;
Rotary Clubs of Allentown, Whitehall, Easton, Nazareth, Pocono West End, Bethlehem, and Phillipsburg, NJ, (seven times);
Men of Retirement Age (MORA) of Nazareth, PA;
Don Fredericks Real Estate sales representatives of Allentown, PA;
Lehigh Valley Life Underwriters Training Council (Advanced Underwriting);
Real Estate America sales representatives, Bethlehem, PA;
Wilson Area High School students and faculty, Easton, PA;
Portland -- Mt.  Bethel (PA) Chamber of Commerce;
Board of Realtors of Eastern Northampton County, Easton, PA;
Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, Emmaus, PA;
AFL-CIO Community Services Counseling Program;
Mary Meuser Memorial Library patrons of Wilson Borough (twice);
Easton and Vicinity Life (Insurance) Underwriters Association (three times);
Dallas Lodge 396 -- Free and Accepted Masons, Easton, PA;
PA Association of Personal Care Homes -- Administrators (twice);

Boy Scouts of America-Explorers -- Minsi Trails Council -- Career Awareness Program (approximately 70 times);
Notre Dame High School students and faculty, Easton, PA
Harrison Morton Junior High School students and faculty, Allentown, PA;
Allen Senior High School students and faculty, Allentown, PA (twice);
Nitchman Middle School students and faculty, Bethlehem, PA (four times);
Prudential Life Insurance agents, Easton and Bethlehem, PA offices (twice);
Nazareth (PA) Area High School students and faculty (three times);
Forks Township Concerned Citizens Group, Easton, PA;
Bangor (PA) Area Middle School students and faculty (24 times).
Easton (PA) Area High School Career Day students and faculty (8 times);
Saucon Valley High School, Hellertown, PA students and faculty (four times);
Saint Anne’s Junior High School, Bethlehem, PA, students and faculty;
Saint Peter & Paul Junior High School, Lehighton, PA, students and faculty;
Parkland Middle School, Orefield, PA, students and faculty;
Holy Infancy Junior High School, Bethlehem, PA, students and faculty;
Easton (PA) Catholic Junior High School, students and faculty;
Saints Simon & Jude Junior High School, Bethlehem, PA, students and faculty;
Holy Child School, Fountain Hill, PA, students and faculty;
Spring House Middle School, Parkland, Allentown, PA, students and faculty (4 times);
Sacred Heart Junior High School, Allentown, PA, students and faculty;
Saint John Neuman Junior High School, Palmerton, PA, students and faculty;
Sacred Heart Junior High School, Bath, PA, students and faculty;
Philip Lauer Middle School, Wilson Borough, PA, students and faculty (four times); and
East Hills Middle School, Bethlehem, PA, students and faculty (twice).


Subjects included:


Individual income taxes;
PA sales tax;
U.S., PA, and NJ corporate income taxes;
Estate planning;
Managing the bottom line;
White-collar crime;
Taxation of employee benefits;
Understanding DOS on computers;
Doing business in a recession;
Obtaining mortgage loans;
Managing businesses;
Getting out of debt before retirement;
Accounting careers;
Sinking mortgages and saving interest;
PA legislators panel;
College funding for students and parents;
Financial accounting requirements for personal care homes;
US, state, and local taxes;
Medical Savings Accounts (employee tax benefit); and
Long term care and insurance tax deductions.


He lectured twice on accounting at November 1987 and November 1989 seminars for new small businesses in Easton sponsored by The Two Rivers Chamber of Commerce, The U.S.  Small Business Administration, The Small Business Development Council, Lehigh University, and Lafayette College.


In October 1985, he organized, promoted, and lectured at a seminar on the Tax Reform Act of 1984 cosponsored by the Northampton County Area Community College (NCACC).  His speech was on "Domestic Relations" (Divorce Taxation Rules).  In November 1985 he organized, promoted, and lectured at another seminar cosponsored by NCACC called "Tax and Financial Planning for 1985".  His speech was "Year End 1985 Planning".  In November 1986, he organized another annual seminar at NCACC.  His speech was "The Tax Reform Act of 1986".


In July 1986, he organized and promoted a Public Accountants' -- Tandy Computer Users Group for Northampton County, PA.  The group met monthly for several years to exchange ideas.  It disbanded when Tandy Computers (from Radio Shack) went out of business, and the accountants switched to standard PC clones and major brands.


He presented two seminars on Standards of Accounting for Not-For-Profit Organizations, one to member agencies of the United Way and one to other non-profit human service organizations, September 11 and 22, 1975.  It was a combined program sponsored by the Forks of the Delaware United Way (Easton, PA); Greater Bethlehem Area (PA) United Way; and the United Way in Lehigh County (Allentown, PA); affecting hundreds of agencies in the Lehigh Valley.


On January 7, 1991, he conducted an all day seminar for the Pennsylvania Nurserymen Association on financial management.  It featured accounting methods, bookkeeping systems, cost accounting and calculation, financial ratios and analyses, budgeting, financial statements, and income taxes.


In September 1993, Mr.  Goodman organized and moderated a panel discussion by four Pennsylvania State Legislators before the Two River Area Chamber of Commerce.  Issues included state and local tax reduction and reform; tort liability reform; welfare, unemployment compensation, and workers' compensation costs and abuse in Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania competing with other states for business and employers; etc.  Over 125 members attended.


In 2000 he wrote and presented a seminar on Activities Based Cost Accounting for the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association meeting in Pottsville, PA.  Mostly major manufacturers attended. 


He co-authored a manuscript called "Rental Property Can Result in Unexpected Tax Liabilities as Well as Significant Benefits", which appeared in Taxation for Accountants, January 1985.  It was published and circulated throughout the world. 


He has written many other articles on Estate Planning; Sales and Rental of Parents' Housing; Pennsylvania vs.  New Jersey Corporation Taxes (1991); Pennsylvania Sales Tax Changes (1991); and Divorce Taxation which have been published in various newspapers and magazines.  Reprints are available.


He has appeared on television shows on WLVT-TV, Channel 39, supporting panel discussions regarding taxes, sponsored by the PICPA and the Call-Chronicle Newspapers.  He answered telephone calls about taxes.


He wrote a manuscript in 1991 and updated it in 1992 called "Should Your Corporation Move From New Jersey to Pennsylvania?" It was circulated by Lehigh Valley Bank (now part of Wachovia Bank), Two Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce, and by the Northampton County Development Corporation (now part of Lehigh Valley Development Corporation).  It compared Pennsylvania to New Jersey corporate and individual taxes.


The Easton (PA) Express-Times, Allentown (PA) Morning and Sunday Calls, and the Wilkes--Barre (PA) Leader newspapers have published many articles and editorials featuring Mr.  Goodman and the firm's audits of and consulting to municipalities, nursing homes, counties, and redevelopment authorities.  The Suburban Scene (Northampton, PA), the Postscript (Lehighton, PA), The Sunday Chronicle (Allentown, PA), and the Lehigh Valley Non-Profit News have published articles written by Mr.  Goodman on Tax and Estate Planning and the Tax Benefits of Charitable Giving.  He produced a series of financial and tax planning columns that were published weekly in The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) and The Express (Easton, PA) newspapers for a year.  They were also in The Key (Nazareth, PA).  The Express-Times, The Morning Call, the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal, and the Lehigh Valley Business Digest frequently interviewed and quoted Mr.  Goodman's advice in many financial matters such as:


Annual year end tax planning;
Revised W-4 Form;
Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1990;
Debt restructuring;
Income tax preparation;
"Beware, The Taxman Cometh";
Consolidation of area municipalities;
Government audits;
1991 increases in Pennsylvania Sales Tax;
Individual Income Tax;
Corporate Income Tax;
Corporate Capital Stock Tax;
U.S.  Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1991 (income tax changes);
Home office expenses;
Income tax reporting (1992);
1992 recession;
Saving interest on mortgages (1992 and 1993);
New Limited Liability Companies (1995 and 1997);
Managing Cash Flow (2001); and
PA S Corporations (1997).


In addition, they often reprint the weekly "Tax Fax" from Goodman & Company.


The Business Digest and Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal have published several lengthy articles on taxes written by Mr.  Goodman.


The Real Estate Expo and its competitor, The Real Estate Weekly, have published many "Tax Facts" articles provided by Mr.  Goodman.  In 2000, they included "Annual Parsonage Rental Value Limit Abolished" and "Exclusion of Taxable Capital Gain from Selling Your Principal Residence".  Approximately 26,000 issues per week are circulated free. 


A scrapbook with copies of all these articles is available for reading and reprints are available for distribution.


The April 1986 issue of Yellow Pages News from Bell of Pennsylvania (now Verizon), featured Mr.  Goodman.  The article was called "CPA Counts on Bell of PA Yellow Pages Advertising".  The four-page newsletter was circulated to over 200,000 businesses throughout Pennsylvania.  Over half of one page contained the article and picture of Mr.  Goodman and the office.  Copies are available.


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Tax Fax:

In December 1992, Mr.  Goodman began Tax Fax.  Every week Goodman & Company, CPA's faxed a brief tax tip to over 4,000 businesses, individuals, organizations, newspapers, etc.  No charge was made for this service.  Mr.  Goodman and the firm's staff wrote and edited the Tax Faxes.  Many have been reprinted in publications such as the Lehigh Valley Real Estate Expo, Lehigh Valley Real Estate Weekly, Tri-State Real Estate Journal, the Two Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, the (Easton, PA) Express-Times, the (Allentown, PA) Morning Call, Lehigh Valley Non-Profit News, The Eastern PA Business Journal, etc.  They also appeared on "Eastonpaonline.com" Internet web site, produced by Square One Software, Inc.  This free Tax Fax service was discontinued in 2002 when the new laws banning telemarketing began.  Faxes accidentally transmitted to non-fax telephone lines were in violation.  Some subscribers switched or terminated fax lines without warning Goodman & Co. The tax advice newsletters are now periodically sent via postal mail and via E-mail broadcasts to many thousands. 

From February 1994 through April 1994, on the 6:30 and 8:00 p.m.  TV 2 News from Service Electric Cable TV, the news anchor read a Tax Fax every night.   Service Electric served Bethlehem, Allentown, and the Slate Belt, PA.  Many had been used on the daily Mayor (Allentown, PA) Joe Daddona radio talk show, WAEB-AM Radio 790, Allentown, Pa during 1995.

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Radio Talk Shows:

From January through April 1987 Mr.  Goodman presented sixty, twice daily, radio programs on station WEST--AM, Easton, PA.  It was called "Tax Breaks" which he wrote and produced.


In March, 1988 he planned and wrote a weekly, hour long radio talk show, "Tax Breaks" on radio station WEEX--AM, Easton, PA. 


In March 1992 he spoke about taxes on a half-hour radio talk show, "Voice of the People", on station WEST--AM, Easton, PA.  Listeners called with questions and were answered over the air.  In November 1992, he again was on the show talking about saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest on mortgages and other long term loans, especially using the "Mortgage Controller".


In February 1995, Mr.  Goodman began his most exciting radio broadcast adventure.  Every Friday night from February through April 1995, for twelve weeks he co-hosted "Tax-Line" on WAEB-AM Radio, 790 kHz., Allentown, Pa, for one and a half hours with the late Joe Daddona, former Mayor of Allentown.  Mr.  Goodman answered telephone calls on the air and broadcast tax tips and advice to many tens of thousands of listeners.  This program had been so successful, WAEB invited Mr.  Goodman to produce other shows on finance topics.  Mr.  Goodman presented "Money Matters" periodically during the rest of 1995.  The first topic was real estate taxes featuring a Real Estate Appraiser and a County Tax Assessor, in April 1995.  The second was "How to Sell Real Estate, Investments, and Businesses Without Paying Income Taxes On the Capital Gain", in May 1995.  He and his guests explained the use of a Charitable Remainder Unitrust for this legal tax avoidance arrangement.  In August 1995, he and his guests from his Ivy Mortgage Corporation branch discussed mortgage loans and credit.


Mr.  Goodman was also a featured consultant and sponsor for Joe Daddona on "Lehigh Valley Crossfire" television show.  It was broadcast biweekly on WFMZ-TV, Channel 69, Allentown, PA.  It had been also carried on Service Electric Cable TV and RCN Cable TV in Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown, Emmaus, Bangor, Pen Argyl, and Wind Gap, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ areas from 1995 through 2004, until his death in June 2004.  This live talk show had guests discussing and debating controversial news topics and policies with telephone callers.


Goodman & Company was the official CPA firm for the PA Valley Dawgs professional basketball team during 2000 and 2001, receiving much publicity, including radio, TV, and newspaper coverage.  The team was sold after the 2001 season.  The new owner continued to use Goodman & Co. until they integrated the accounting into their own business.

Goodman & Company has also been the official CPA firm for the annual and sometimes semi-annual Senior Fest fair, dedicated to providing services and information to senior citizens in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.


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He has been a member since 1968 and Trustee for Dallas Lodge 396, Free and Accepted Masons, Easton.  It is now known as Dallas – Lafayette Lodge 396.  In 1986 through 1988, he was Chairman of the Lodge's Project Solomon II Committee, dedicated to rebuilding Freemasonry and encourage and revitalize membership and participation.  In May 1986, he was conferred the 32nd Degree in Lehigh Consistory, Valley of Allentown (PA), Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  At that time he also received Degrees in the Muhlenberg Lodge of Perfection, 14th Degree; the Lafayette Council of Princes of Jerusalem, 16th Degree; and the Bethlehem Chapter of Rose Croix, 18th Degree.  In August 1985, he was elected to the Ancient Arabic Order -- Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Shriners) and a member of the Rajah Temple, Reading, PA.  The purpose of Freemasonry from time immemorial has been to improve and strengthen character of the individual man, and through the individual, the character of the community, thus undergirding the community with those spiritual values, which give it strength and stability.  To that end, Freemasonry teaches a belief in God and Faith in His divine purposes.  It encourages the worship of God in conformity with the dictates of individual conscience.  It stands for truth, justice, liberty, enlightenment, fraternity, and philanthropy.

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Civic Organizations:

Mr.  Goodman was a member in the 1970's of the Plainfield Township Planning Commission and was a Director of the Easton Chapter of the American Red Cross.  He served ten years as Trustee and Treasurer of the Jewish Temple Covenant of Peace.  He had been a member of the Pomfret Club of Easton from 1975 through 1996.  From 1975 to 1993, he was a Member and often a Director of Kiwanis Club of Easton, Pennsylvania, concentrating on arranging programs.  Active in Kiwanis fund raising, he received the "Golden Peanut" Award in 1981 for distinguished service.  He was honored for perfect attendance in 7 years of membership.

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Amateur Radio:

A licensed amateur radio operator (ham) with the call letters K3ANS, since he was 14 in 1957, he advanced to the highest class (Extra) ham license issued by the Federal Communications Commission.  It required demonstrated and tested proficiency in advanced electronics and radio communication, theory, operations, and procedures; extensive Federal and international regulations; and high speed Morse code (20 words per minute).  He is now fluent in Morse Code at 40 words per minute.  Since then, the FCC has reduced the Morse Code requirement to only 5 words per minute and plans to phase it out entirely, which is disappointing.  In September 1993, he became an Accredited Volunteer Examiner for the Federal Communications Commission.  He is authorized to conduct official amateur radio license examinations. 

Mr.  Goodman is a member of:

American Radio Relay League ("ARRL", The national organization for ham radio, member since 1957, Life Member since around 1990);
Delaware-Lehigh Amateur Radio Club ("DLARC", based in Easton, PA, member since 1956;
Frankford Radio Club (member since 1988, internationally famous contest club based in Philadelphia, where he was Chairman of the Membership Committee);
Quarter Century Wireless Club ("QCWA", international organization for hams licensed over 25 years, Life Member since 1989);
Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Chapter 17 of QCWA since 1989, President 1991 to 1992);
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Corps since 1957,
Amateur Radio Emergency Service since 1957, and
PA Emergency Management Agency (Civil Defense) since 1957. 


From his short wave radio station, he talks regularly with other ham stations in every country, all over the world, via international Morse Code, computer packet, and voice communication.  He is also active on the Internet, at wgoodman@goodmancpa.com.  He is on the Honor Roll of the DX Century Club of the ARRL.  That means he has written confirmation (QSL cards) of radio conversations with every country or entity in the world, many of which are unoccupied remote islands.  He has designed, erected, and maintained large and exotic antenna systems and radio towers; and has constructed, maintained, and operated high power transmitters and receivers.  He has been volunteer director, accountant, and program chairperson for the DLARC and Frankford Radio Club. 


In August 1992, he planned, organized, and promoted, the DLARC's first "Hamfest" and "Computerfest" in many years.  Despite terrible rain storms almost 1,000 people attended in the outdoor Plainfield Township fairgrounds.  In August, 1993 and 1994, as volunteer General Chairman, he moved the hamfest to the Career Institute of Technology, Easton, PA (CIT) which has 60,000 square feet indoors plus many acres outdoors for vendors, tailgate sellers, buyers, manufacturers, exhibitors, and seminars.  The CIT conducted an open house in conjunction with this event.  Promoted and advertised locally and internationally, this convention attracted several thousand hams, computer fans, electronics technicians, radio fans, and other technically oriented people.  It profited several thousand dollars annually for the DLARC.


DLARC had over 425 members who selected Mr.  Goodman as the General Chairman because of his organizational ability and knowledge of the radio industry.  He worked with many other volunteer committee chairpersons and workers plus community leaders to build and promote this as an annual Lehigh Valley community event.


He has been active for many years in the annual "Field Day" national exercises, where portable ham stations erected in fields are operated under emergency conditions with generators.  During these 24-hour non-stop marathons, these stations strive to contact as many other stations and sections of the country as possible.  His clubs frequently place high in these competitions.  He also participated individually in many other international and nationwide ham radio contests, winning some and placing high in others.  He has frequently organized teams of ten or more hams to operate six networked radio stations simultaneously from his home during these contests, entering the multiple operator and multiple station category of competition.


He managed radio "nets" where ham stations exchange and relay messages from around the world, as a voluntary service.  Frequently they are from military servicemen stationed overseas to families at home, and emergency messages during floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.  He provides radio communication at civic affairs.  He operates phone-patches linking telephone conversations to ham radio, allowing friends and family to communicate free around the world (such as from Antarctica, Nepal, Columbia, Russia, England, Venezuela, Brazil, and Haiti).


The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) and The Express-times (Easton, PA) featured Mr.  Goodman's amateur radio station and operation in several articles in November, 1989, December, 1989, July, 1991, and September, 1991.  The latter featured his communication with and visits from hams in Russia instrumental in the defense of the democratic republic lead by President Boris Yeltsin against the attempted communist coup lead by President Gorbachev.  Reprints are available.  The WFMZ-TV news crew visited Mr.  Goodman's radio station at his home and broadcast video news stories about this operation.  More stories about this event were published in many national and regional amateur radio publications, including QST.


The QCWA Journal, Fall 1999, published by the Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc., featured an article by Mr.  Goodman, "Pay No Income Tax When Selling Your Investments At A Profit". 


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Outdoor Activities:

Long active in hunting, shooting, fishing, hiking, camping, birding, and ecology, he has been a member of:


National Rifle Association (life member);
Forks of the Delaware Weapons Association (life member);
Moravian College Conservation Association;
National Wildlife Federation;
National Audubon Society;
Pennsylvania Raptor Rescue Association;
Pocono - Slate Belt Shooting Association;
Easton Fish and Game Association;
Roseto Rod and Gun Club, Inc.;
Blue Mountain Rod and Gun Club;
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association;
Boy Scouts of America;
Eastern Pennsylvania Knife Collectors Association (charter member);
National Wild Turkey Federation; and
other conservation and outdoor organizations.


At Pocono - Slate Belt he was Chairman of the Rifle Range, spearheading plans and a committee to improve the facilities and revenue.  He has been a member, a Director, and financial advisor of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (It had 6,000 members in PA when he was Director.) He has organized and managed the display and membership sales booths at sportsmen's shows for the NWTF.  They included regional turkey and owl calling contests.  He was the Scoutmaster of Troop 12, Boy Scouts of America, Easton, PA.  He has been a successful hunter of white tail deer, mule deer, black bears, wild turkeys, ground hogs, and pronghorn antelope, with many trophies on display at his home and meat in his freezer.


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Newspapers and Photography:


His other hobbies include chess, photography, and motorcycling.  While in college he supported himself as a commercial and news photographer for the Associated Press and three daily newspapers, including the Easton (PA) Express-Times (daily circulation 53,000) and the Centre Daily Times (State College, PA).  He was on the Board of Editors and the Photography Editor of the Penn State Daily Collegian (circulation 16,000), while in college 1960 through 1964.  He wrote a periodic column in the Collegian on campus activities called "Exposure".


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He has been a member of the Bushkill Valley Motorcycle Club, Inc.  (BVMC), since 1976.  He was awarded life membership in 2001.  This Club is composed of 100 skilled, business, and professional men who run two Professional Motorcycle Hillclimbs and ran two Expert Moto Cross Races a year.  He has erected fences, stands, and equipment; sold tickets; parked customers riding motorcycles and in cars; sold refreshments; picked up garbage; and rescued the fallen racers on the steep hillside.  As Advertising Chairman and member of the Advertising Committee, he has been responsible for promoting radio, TV, and newspaper coverage and attendance.  He has appeared on KYW-TV (Philadelphia) and WBRE-TV (Wilkes-Barre) speaking about the Hillclimbs.  In addition, he has spoken to various service clubs and groups, promoting the Hillclimbs and motocross races.  He often negotiates and arranges advertising at local businesses such as stores, restaurants, fairs, other races, conventions, and gas stations.  The twice per year national Hillclimbs has drawn crowds in excess of 8,000 fans.  It is the biggest in the country, probably in the world.  The Club has weekly business and social meetings in which he is active.  He had been "Road Captain" 1977 and 1978 in charge of the Club's social functions, trips, and activities.  In 1985, he helped organize an Internal Audit Committee for BVMC.  He served as Club Accountant for several years, at no charge.  He was elected BVMC Almoner for 1987 and 1988.  This official takes care of charity for members who are ill or bereaved.  He has been an official at motorcycle races at Pocono and Nazareth, PA racetracks; providing safety flagging and communication.  He has organized the start line and managed the corners and turns in the races.  He is the Club’s representative to the Lehigh Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau and its Wheels Committee.  He has managed a promotional booth and a press conference for the Hill climb at Nazareth Speedway in May 2004.  He is a life member of the American Motorcyclist Association, having been a member since 1976.


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In the early 1980's Mr.  Goodman was General Manager, Treasurer, Secretary, and 33 1/3% stockholder of Sportsman's Portable Equipment Co., Inc.  and of Serro Products, Inc., the developers, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers of the "Porta-Roof" and other products.  The Porta-Roof is a patented umbrella-like device, which fastens to a tree to protect hunters and outdoorsmen from rain and snow.  It is distributed and sold internationally in nationwide catalogs, in major retail stores and chains, and in small sports shops.  He was responsible for all administration of both companies.  Goodman & Company provided all accounting and data processing.  He actively marketed the products, dealing with magazines, marketing and advertising agencies, vendors, sales representatives, customers, banks, insurance agencies, retailers, mail order and catalogue houses, exporters, importers, domestic and foreign manufacturers throughout the world, etc.  He represented both companies at various trade shows.  The product line was later sold to another stockholder and the companies were closed.  The product is now very popular.


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Mr.  Goodman helped his wife, Hope, as distributors for National Safety Associates (NSA) which used multi-level vertical marketing and networking to promote, lend, and sell water filters, air filters, and education programs for preschool children ("Wings").

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He lives at 765 Young's Hill Road, Plainfield Township, near Easton, Pennsylvania, with his wife, the former Hope Jones from Lower Mt.  Bethel Township, near Easton.  They were married in 1964.  Hope formerly worked for Goodman & Company as a bookkeeper, secretary, and Notary Public.  She is now ill preventing her from actively working.  Their daughter, Michelle Lind, is a graduate of Allentown School of Cosmetology.  She was a secretary at a national printing company and is now a full time mother, residing in Hawthorne in Southern California, with her husband Steven Lind, and daughters Abigale Hope Lind and Maegan LaMay Lind.

With all this energy, skill, and experience, Mr.  Goodman endeavors to bring the most service and advice to you.  He understands entrepreneurs, because he is one! 



March 12, 2004

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