Computer Services

Goodman & Company uses computers with many sophisticated and elementary accounting programs available and supported, including:

  • General ledger accounting and financial statement packages, such as Creative Solutions' Write Up Solutions, Quicken, Quick Books Pro, MYOB (Mind Your Own Business), One Write Plus, Peach Tree, Macola, and Compass, etc.
  • Microsoft Windows XP and Office programs include Access, Word, Excel, Windows Explorer, Outlook Express
  • Individual and business income tax return preparation and planning programs
  • Time and expense management and reporting program for contractors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, architects, and other professionals
  • Building, equipment, and vehicles deepreciation programs
  • Lease evaluations
  • Accounts receivable programs
  • Order entry, billing, and shipping program
  • Job costing program
  • Mailing lists
  • Payroll programs
  • Check writing programs
  • Accounts payable programs
  • Word processing programs, such as Word for Windows and Word Perfect
  • Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Quattro Pro speadsheet programs
  • Database programs such as Access
  • Pension Administration

Goodman & Company has computer systems analysts, consultants, programmers, and operators available to custom design and adapt computer programs and equipment installations. The sophisticated general ledger and financial statement programs may be easily adapted to almost any accounting requirements. The financial statements may be custom designed and free formatting, following "Accounting Principles Generally Accepted in the United States of America" (GAAP). The depreciation program is ideal for most businesses because it may calculate depreciation aggressively for income taxes as well as conservatively for financial statements and government cost reimbursement programs. A single asset may need to be depreciated four different ways, for financial statements (GAAP), regular Federal Income Tax, Alternative Income Tax, Alternative Current Earning Tax (tax), and state income taxes.

The firm offers a computer "sanity check," a complete computer system review with a formal report and advice, led by an electronics engineer with a Doctorate in Computer Science and Professional Engineer license.

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