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American Independent Mortgage, Inc. and
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Loan officers wanted

Over many years of accounting practice, Mr.  Goodman frequently has advised clients on obtaining commercial and residential mortgage loans.  Several mortgage brokers and bankers have retained Mr.  Goodman as a professional employee to represent their extensive lists of available lenders and investors.  Mr.  Goodman is currently Branch Manager and Loan Officer for American Independent Mortgage, Inc.  (AIM) at the same office as Goodman & Company, CPAs.  It is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking for making loans in Pennsylvania.  He is also a Loan Officer for the Union, NJ branch of Nationwide Equities, based in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.  It is licensed by the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and Florida Departments of Banking for making mortgage loans in those states.  He had been a Loan Officer and Branch Manager for Ivy Mortgage Corporation.  He had been also a Loan Originator for Sunset Mortgage, The Home Loan Network, and Royal Mortgage Co.,

American Independent Mortgage, Sunset Mortgage, The Home Loan Network, and Ivy Mortgage Co. have been all located in the same building as Goodman & Company, hosted and managed by Mr.  Goodman.  They were formed in succession by some of the same principals.  The President of Nationwide Equities formerly managed lending at Ivy Mortgage, Inc.  and Royal Mortgage.  Sunset Mortgage and The Home Loan Network were managed by a loan officer, formerly in Mr.  Goodman’s Ivy Mortgage Branch.  Although many companies have been involved, the same people in essence managed all of them. 

American Independent Mortgage (AIM) and Nationwide Equities represent many investors and lenders of residential and commercial mortgage loans, so they can meet the needs of both credit impaired borrowers and excellent credit borrowers.  They have many loan arrangements, including no down payment loans, no point loans, no income verification loans, lower interest loans with points, fixed rate and adjustable rate loans, 15 year and 30 year term fixed rate loans, three year balloon loans, etc. 

AIM and Nationwide offer low interest loans to strong borrowers, competitive with area banks.  They may arrange mortgage loans at 125% of the fair market value of the collateralized residences.  Buyers with excellent or fair credit, steady employment, sufficient income, and no down payment can get mortgages for 100% of the purchase prices (100% Loan to Value - "LTV").   We also offer 95% LTV purchases and cash out refinance loans for self-employed borrowers.  "NIV loans" mean no income verification; the lender does not verify the income of the borrower to justify the loan.  The lender relies on the collateral and the credit rating of the borrower.  Commercial banks will not provide these loans, so this is our niche.  We often can say yes to loans when the banks say no!  We have special mortgage programs to finance building contractors and land developers.  AIM and Nationwide can handle loans up to approximately $250,000,000 per borrower.   Call 610-250-9640, if you know someone who needs a loan.  We have no application fee for residential loans!

Mortgage Controller:

To serve the firm's clients and friends better, Mr.  Goodman has been teaching them an opportunity to save interest on long term loans, primarily mortgages.  He prepares a "Mortgage Controller", customized for individual loans.  It provides an accounting system and custom principal payment coupons (lenders' notices) to track interest savings on specific principal prepayments.  In a typical home mortgage, the borrower may pay $200,000 to $300,000 for a $100,000 home.  If the borrower follows this customized system, the borrower can usually save $75,000 to $100,000 or more interest!  Mr.  Goodman frequently conducts educational seminars on using the Mortgage Controller to get out of debt before retirement.

American Independent Mortgage, Inc.  and
Nationwide Equities Provide:

Mortgage Loan Consultant, Officer, and Branch Manager for Mortgage Broker Licensed by PA Dept.  of Banking:

  • Residential and Commercial Loans
  • Private Residences, Second Homes, Investment Properties
  • Purchases and Refinances for Good, Slow, and Poor Credit Borrowers
  • Competitive Fixed and Adjustable Interest Rates
  • No Money Down, 100% Financing
  • First and Second Mortgages
  • Loans with no required escrow
  • 5% down, stated income loans with excellent credit
  • NO INCOME, NO ASSET Verification Loans
  • Refinancing to Avert Bankruptcy and Foreclosure
  • Divorce Buy-Out and Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Free Consultations with NO APPLICATION FEE
  • NO COST Refinances for Those Who Qualify
  • Terms of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • No Point, No Cost, No Ratio, NO KIDDING Loans
  • No job required loans
  • Loans available for all credit types - good, slow, or poor credit

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